Hello Padel About Us

Welcome to the first complete English speaking PADEL experience.

HELLO PADEL was formed in London for the purpose of development and promotion of padel in those countries whose language is not Spanish.

Padel currently is the fastest growing racket sport globally, which started in Mexico, was developed in Argentina and for the past 5 years has become the 2nd most played sport in Spain behind Football.

Motivated by the opening of new clubs and the proliferation of new players around the world, HELLO PADEL has been created to provide a range of information and services in English.

We believe in the development and growth of Padel, which is why we want to be close to those involved in this amazing sport such as the players, facility managers, product suppliers, the press and Padel lovers everywhere!

HELLO PADEL to everyone!


Hello Padel About Us

HELLO PADEL has a dedicated team to support the international growth and promotion of padel. We focus on providing a complete padel solution from tuition on basic padel technique and rules to ensure all of our followers have the access and tools in place to ensure they can improve their game as well as keeping them informed of the sports latest groundbreaking developments and headlines throughout the world.

We want to ensure our followers and customers are satisfied with our work, that’s why we promise to be meticulous with all the information provided to maintain the excellent results we have been achieving.

So, welcome to Hello Padel, the first complete English speaking Padel experience for everybody who loves Padel and understands English

Hello Padel About Us


Hello Padel About Us

Padel is not just a sport to us, but is a passion which we would like to share with the world. Via Hello Padel and our dedicated team, you will be able to gain information and/or access to the following:

  • Padel Tournaments
  • Padel Clinics
  • Private tuition
  • Bespoke events and conferences
  • Your local Padel Center
  • New Padel Centers
  • Host interviews with the worlds best Padel players and coaches
  • Online coaching videos with Mauri Andrini (World World Tour Player, No1 ranked player in the UK and former World No1 junior).

Further to this, you can keep yourself up to date with everything that’s happening in the padel world via our social networking platforms.


Mauricio Andrini

Founder - Director

Dana Rubinstein

Manager Social Media

Rocio Bermudez Cacho


Alba Aldomar Moyano


Francisco Lagos

Web Developer


Have a look on Mauri's Padel Life...

Hello Padel’s founder, Mauri Andrini is a professional player playing on the WPT (World Padel Tour) and he has been No1 on the BPT (British Padel Tour) since 2013. Mauri lives and works in London but the truth is, Mauri is anywhere that Padel is present. As a professional player, Mauri is proudly sponsored by HEAD for both his Padel bat and all sporting apparel and EQUINOXE SOLUTIONS since 2014.


Mauri Andrini as Player


Mauri Andrini as Coach


Mauri Andrini as Commentator


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