Mauri Andrini as Player

He began playing padel when he was 6 years old at "Club Atlético San Martín" in Pehuajó city, Argentina, with a great coach "Martin Pato Estruch" who was also the first head coach of the current #1 in the world, Fernando Belasteguín (BELA) who was also born in Pehuajo city.

After a great junior career and achieving several provincial and national titles, Mauricio Andrini won his first “world title” in Argentina in 2000 with his partner Francisco Severo.



Whilst living in London in 2012 and without competing in 10 years, Mauri started playing the "British Padel Tour ", reaching the #1 ranking in just 11 months.

The opportunity arose to join the David Lloyd Leisure Group, the most famous chain of health and fitness clubs in the UK as their Head Padel Co-ordinator at one of their biggest clubs in the UK, David Lloyd Chigwell. Besides teaching, Mauri actively promoted the sport of padel in Europe.



Mauri Andrini is a professional player who participates in the most prestigious padel championship, the World Padel Tour. He is one of the few World Padel Tour players who travels around the globe coaching players and coaches alike, showing his passion for the sport of padel.

Every game is a challenge in which Mauri aims to achieve better results, no matter how hard it is. He believes that the effort required is only a matter of attitude, desire and a passion for padel!  Mauri is left-handed and plays on the right.