Mauri Andrini's references



World Padel Tour

World Champion 2002/3/4

A few years ago at WPT, we thought about the possibility of launching an online streaming in English. I know Mauri for few years now, and when I saw the work that Mauri was doing with HELLO PADEL, I had no doubt that he would be the perfect person to be the voice of this project and consequently, to become our official WPT commentator in English. Having worked with Mauri on several occasions, I have to say that it has always been a great pleasure. I consider him a very professional person with the added value that you never get bored with him as he has a great sense of humor. Mauri is an expert in this sport as he started playing Padel when he was only 6 years old and currently, he still plays professionally.



Padel&Beach Sport Manager

Padel player

I met Mauri for the first time when I played the World Champs qualification round in summer 2015 in Ghent. He was the coach of the Great Britain team and his enthusiasm as a coach, how he lives padel and how he played in one exhibition match was incredible. I was thinking, I must have this person at my club in Vienna. A big friendship started. He joined the FIP events 2015 and 2016 in Vienna, we meet then few times as at the World Padel Tour event in Valencia and also at the padel World championships in Lisbon. We had also the opportunity to play together at the WPT in Mallorca which was a great experience to me. I always thank Mauri, for what he is doing for the sport and for those who are involved in Padel and do not understand the Spanish language. It always nice to meet him and all people in Vienna are looking forward to welcome him at anytime.




Distributor Padel International

Padel Developer in Belgium.

When I started to promote Padel I asked a few friends of mine in Spain , who could be the best guy helping us to develop - promote  this wonderful sport through northern Europe , in particular in BeNelux ?

One name popped out of each mouth : Mauri Andrini.

As Padel International representative, it goes really quickly to be in contact ,and concretely we met  during the opening of Padel Central Lyon .

Amazing moments, I discovered a nice guy , funny, professional and playing so good .

We spontaneously had a fantastic match and kept in touch for almost 2 years now

When I heard that he is going to have a trip around Europe , I invited him to teach the Padel players in Brussels .

We did a few training sessions, based on tactics , technics and strategies , everyone was so happy by the lessons that we are waiting for his venue again .

I  recommend everyone to be once in touch with Hello Padel , you will be even more addicted to this wonderful sport

Mauri: " Keep  doing what you do, we will always support Hello Padel

Thanks for your professionalism and « madness »

Padel is life



Junior N1 in UK

When I first met Mauri around 3/4 years ago now his English was almost as bad as his padel! But since then both have got much better, he has been an incredible coach, mentor, partner but most importantly a great person who has helped me develop and learn so much in the game of padel. Since we first met we have played in many tournaments around the world and he has been the coach of the great British national team of both the juniors and adults helping us reach 3rd place In the junior World Cup and 8th place in the adults World Cup. Mauri has always been an enthusiastic person who lives and breaths padel which is why he has been such a good coach for me and for everyone that will follow the hello padel project. I love seeing him every time and I wish him the best of luck with this project.



Walls’s Managers

First event with Mauri was our opening weekend in September 2016. It Is amazing to see Mauri living the padel and bringing this special atmosphere to all over Europe. Padel needs more crazy guys like Mauri and walls to grow and to develop this fantastic sport. walls academy and Hello Padel are ready for Padel in Germany!



CEO Athens Padel Club

First Padel club in Athens

I first met Mauri two years ago, I was very impressed by his padel skills so I felt the need to invite him to Greece so he could do some clinics and courses at my club (Athens padel club). He proved to be a great motivation for our members. His talent, communication skills and enthusiasm as a coach are undeniable and incredible. Having Mauri here at our club was a unique and amazing experience and we can't wait for the next time to welcome him back to Greece, hopefully very soon! I wish him all the best!




CEO La Playa Sports & Event Center

I met Mauri for the first time in Ghent where he was as the coach of the British team. His fanaticism and enthusiasm was immediately visible. Also his sportsmanship to congratulate us on a surprise defeat of his favorite team . Last year he visited La Playa and his memory here is still not forgotten. Showmenship, skills and above all the gift to make people a better player. Great person, great player, great coach. A true ambassador of padel and an asset for the padel community.


Anders Mattsson

Founder of Helsingborgs Racketklubb

One of the first Padel clubs owner in Sweden

I started to work with Mauri Andrini in 2015. We first met together with Nito Brea (one of the most famous Argentine coaches). Mr. Brea came to Helsingborg with Mauri teaching, coaching and training  us in padel. We understood that we needed to increase our knowledge in how to coach and build up the club. Our aim was to focus on junior players and ladies and we were looking for how to set up a good organisation and structure for that purpose.


During the education I started to know Mauri and his skills. Mauri explains in a good and easy way. After that education I started to bring Mauri twice a year teaching and developing our coaches.


Our coaches are the main assets for the club and it’s so important that we regularly meet up with Mauri and share experiences to develop the club and how we work together with our customers and players.


Mauri has become a good friend of us and we are always looking forward to meeting him again and again. He has so much energy and he always has a good and structured plan with every weekend course.


One of the best things with Mauri is his deep knowledge in padel and his strong vision to spread his knowledge via Hello Padel. I’m sure he is going to manage with his passion and his powerful network. We all are looking forward continuing working with him.


Tom Murray

Director of Marketing, Sponsorship & Events

British Padel and Artists Everywhere

I met Mauri in 2013 after setting up the first indoor padel club in London. He came to interview for a position with me at a time when i was consulting for David LLoyd Clubs - The position was for a Padel Coordinator role at the Chigwell club in Essex (North East of London). We conducted the interview in English ;-)


Later on, we realised that our paths had actually crossed before. Years prior we had both worked for Santander Bank in Spain - Although in different areas we had actually spoken on several occasions... I remember telling Mauri that I had to speak to a crazy Argentinian when calling a particular department of the bank! He said, “boludo, that was me”, as he pointed to himself!


For the next three years Mauri and I began working very closely developing the sport of padel throughout the UK. His commitment and overall work ethic were significant to the start of British Padel and the growth we’ve seen especially in 2016. He has also played a key role as the Head Coach of Team GB for both the senior and junior teams travelling to Lisbon and Mexico City. 


Since the launch of Hello Padel he's started to make a lot of noise in the world of padel. He’s become a real ambassador for the sport and the fact that he’s been based in London until now has really put padel on the map for us here in the UK.


I wish Mauri all the luck in the world and I look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the near future!