Hello Padel. When a dream comes true.

The director of Hello Padel talks to everyone.

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Sunday 14th May 2017

Hello Padel Hello Padel. When a dream comes true.

Mauri Andrini is the Director of Hello Padel. The 33 years old man who started to play padel in 1991, when he was just 6 years old, currently he is competing in the most prestigious padel circuit as World Padel Tour and also coaching all over Europe.…and what else? He is developing the first online padel site in English ever created. In this article, he talks about how he thought about the idea of creating HELLO PADEL.


Hello Padel friends, hello everyone. 

“Two years ago I was sitting down at the restaurant of the greatest David Lloyd Club in London, where I used to work, and I had an idea… HELLO PADEL, the online padel site to find anything you like about this sport, no matter where you are or which country you come from. It took almost 2 years to sort everything out. Videos of events, interviews to Pro players as well as ambassadors

the globe and, of course, coaching online to give the chance to all padel lovers of having a tuition online for the first time in English language, easy to understand for everybody. 

After all the hard work and thanks to lots of people involved on this project, the thought came to my mind and I decided to include more areas of information such as News, Tour & Events, Club Finder or Sites of Interests and make this dream come true

finally, the first and the best complete English speaking padel experience ever. Hello Padel is now LIVE!

To be truly honest, I find the root of everything, regarding Hello Padel, two years ago in Sweden when I was in one of my trips to coach. One of the students asked me a question which I couldn’t answer as I was going to miss my flight back to London so I said… “Check online buddy”… and he replied to me…“everything is in Spanish, I cannot understand a word”, and that broke my heart. Someone who loves Padel and cannot understand what is going on in the padel world or who are the main ambassadors or even learn online how to be able to control a few shots… He was the key.

Nowadays I have the best partner I could have ever had developing and managing the company (my wife) and also a group of people involved in this amazing project which makes me happier every day. Busy as never, happy as always. All of you are very welcome to have a look on YOUR new site which has been created by padel lovers, thinking about padel lovers. We promise you to keep working hard on bringing you the latest news, events, clubs, tips, and all related to the sport of padel.

You are the reason why we are here.

Mauri Andrini
Hello Padel