Jeremy Gala: Belgian WPT Padel player

Belgian padel player living in Spain

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Wednesday 5th July 2017

Hello Padel Jeremy Gala: Belgian WPT Padel player

Jeremy Gala is a Belgian padel player who got completely addicted to the sport. He started playing padel around 3 years ago in Belgium. Now he has moved to Madrid to become a professional player.

He is training in Madrid with Adrian Caviglia, where he has got the chance to play matches with high level padel players and be amongst the World Padel Tour players. 

He said “I decided to move to Spain almost 1 year ago. I arrived in September 2016 and my first goal was to learn Spanish from September to February. Of course I knew there was lot of padel in Spain but the idea to play WPT came from my sponsors at the end of 2016, even at the beginning it was a dream but I never thought it was possible"

Jeremy has sponsorship from Black Crown, Led Projects and Padel International. The brands are helping him to live this amazing life, to play the

international circuit an be the only one Belgian players who lives and competes professionally in Spain. 

“Now I'm feeling so privileged to be a World Padel Tour player and I am aware of how lucky I am to live this experience thanks to my sponsors”

His initiative could be the beginning of the professional path for a lot of padel players around the globe who dream of coming and competing on the WPT circuit. We know that it

is not easy to live in Spain for foreigners, first the Spanish language is not easy and there are also many expenses you have to face. The professional circuit is hard as well if we bear in mind that each player has to pay the tournament fee, transport, accommodation and food. He said: "one of the most difficut fact to be living abroad is to be far away from my family and friends. As a professional sportman I need to face difficult moment sometimes, and when you are "alone" it is harder than being at home. Support is very important and especially the support of your family and people you love in an adventure like my one".  

We want to congratulate Jeremy for his effort and encourage him to do it. Hopefully this will help others to make the same decision.

“My goal as padel player is to reach and go past the qualifications stage in a WPT tournament”. 

He is also really keen and willing to develop padel in Belgium. As He is traveling quite often to play tournaments in his country, which is good for the sport development, and everyone over there could see how he his game has improved. 

He will play an exhibition match in Brussels from 18th to 20th of August at "World Padel Tour Brussels The Exhibition".

From Hello Padel we would like to wish you good luck in the coming World Padel Tour!