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Padel at Portmarnock by Debbie

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Tuesday 18th July 2017

Hello Padel Look Debbie up and have a game!

Debbie Brown is an American racquet sports addict, and coach of tennis, squash, pickleball and padel.  Growing up in the sunshine of California, she played all sports, but her true first love was tennis.  California is a Mecca for top tennis players as Serena and Venus Williams and the Bryan Brother’s are from Southern California.

Debbie went on to play tennis in college and played competitively until she moved to Santa Barbara and was introduced to the sport of squash. She remember:  “I saw it played at my club and just had to try it.  I have since said that squash chooses you – you don’t choose squash, as it appeals to a certain personality type (Type A, competitive, etc.)”.  After winning three US National Championships in her age groups, and trashing her feet along the way (she has had three surgeries on each foot), she moved to Ireland where, as luck would have it, she arrived to the Portmarnock Sports & Leisure Club where the first Padel court had just been built the December before her arrival.

As the combination of squash and tennis – padel was an obvious evolution to her racquet sports career.  She went to London to get her Level 1 certification from British Padel Federation, under Mauri Andrini and Tom Murray, and came back to become the Padel Director at PSLC.

Debbie has played an important part in growing the Portmarnock padel community – as well as working to connect the various other clubs around Ireland by hosting events and coaching junior and adult players.  

She said “I have found

a community of really great people and I enjoy watching them progress from having never played to be confident in retrieving balls off the walls and extending rallies.  The longer the rally – the more fun padel is, so the players coming from squash and tennis – although they have a leg up on people who haven’t ever played a racquet sport – the key is to get them to slow the racquet head speed down, shorten the swing, and KEEP THE BALL IN!!!  When all the lights start going on and the games slows down – the fun really goes to another level.

Brown continues to hone her coaching skills by working with Mauri Andrini and with Daniel Dios at Paddle Trainer.  

She said: “I would have loved to have been introduced to padel as a younger athlete – but hey,  I can continue to enjoy playing and coaching for many years to come”.
“I am really interested in growing the sport in Ireland and working with the Irish Padel Association to institute the platform in which we can start ranking players, getting some junior and masters teams, and competing on the international level”.  The key is in numbers – Ireland is late to the game, but the more exposure there is to the sport and the more courts go up, the better the future of the sport will be.

If you are ever in North Dublin, look Debbie up and have a game!

Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/portmarnockpadel/

If you want any further information about Padel in Ireland, feel free to contact Debbie on her email: Debbie@portmarnockpadel.club