Lucas Castellote & Padel in Singapore

Interview with Lucas Castellote, padel coach at Swiss Padel

Created by Jorge de La Riva

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Hello Padel Lucas Castellote & Padel in Singapore

Lucas Castellote is coaching padel at Swiss Club in Singapore, the only padel court in the country and one of the few padel courts in the whole Asia. Lucas was born in Argentina but has spent most of his life in Spain. His father is Maximo Castellote, a well-known padel coach. He has taken his first steps as padel coach next to his father. With a fearless and intrepid nature, destiny has brought him to Singapore.


Thanks to Jorge de la Riva for interviewing Lucas since we have learnt more about padel in Singapore.

Lucas said that the idea came out in his first experience abroad: "Last year I was working for two and half months in Japan. A group of colleagues opened a club in Tokyo and invited a group of professional players and coaches from Madrid to go to Japan and work with them. My father and I went too. We had ten very intensive days there and when the experience came to its end, they offered me the possibility of staying to work for two more months with them. It was an amazing experience. Completely different to any other I had had until then.”

After this experience in Japan, he went back to Spain, where

he continued working as a padel coach. Once he was there, he got an offer to move to Asia again, not to Japan but to a new place where padel was still on its beginning.

"I came back to Spain and kept on working at the same club I used to. A couple of months later I had the option of coming to Singapore and I took it without thinking it twice. After Japan, I was convinced that it was going to be alright. I have to say that everyone here is treating me very well and I have nothing to complain about".

As a new padel country, new

padel club and also new sport for an Asian country, we would like to know how players are doing over there and Lucas said: 

"We have already organised a couple of clinics so they can try and experience what padel is. There are many members that have not tried padel yet because they didn’t even know the rules of the game. Our main goal is to attract players from the Latin community of Singapore because some of them may have already played padel, which could be great for the improvement of padel players. The biggest problem we have to face is that the annual fee to become member of the Swiss Club and therefore being able to use the padel court is quite expensive. We are currently working on a new kind of membership, cheaper, that will allow new members to just use the padel court".

Lucas is one of those who believes in the growth of Padel and works really hard to make it bigger. He is coaching new players and trying to get people involved within the padel world. He is fully confident that it is only a matter of time: "Most of the players that have tried recently are booking lessons and playing on a regular basis. It is hard for them to get 4 players at the moment because there’s no many of them yet”.

Lucas Castellote is at Swiss Padel Club in Singapore waiting for you all to visit him. Remember to share with your friends in Asia and with those who are traveling to Singapore and are looking for a padel court to play over there!

We are always pleased to spread news about the growth of padel in new countries or areas. We really appreciate the outstanding work of Jorge de la Riva and we are thankful to him for being the journalist of Hello Padel in Asia!