Japan & Thailand by Jorge de la Riva

Created by Jorge de la Riva

Thursday 26th October 2017


Many padel lovers are amazed about how quicky padel is spreading around Europe or America but, what is going on in Asia?

Our HELLO PADEL journalist in Asia, Jorge de la Riva, who has recently interviewed Lucas Castellote (Swiss Club, in Singapore), has spent a couple of weeks in between Thailand and Japan and he has great news about Padel over there... In his opinion, padel is growing very fast! This is what he has to tell us about it...

"I was a bit skeptical before going to visit padel clubs in Thailand and Japan because I have not heard much about padel during the time I have been living in Singapore. What I have seen in the last couple of weeks clearly exceeded my expectations.

First, I had the chance to visit Padel Bangkok Club (Facebook/Padel Bangkok Thailand) where Gio, a professional football player from Spain, who is running the club, organiced a match with his friends and I. They have 3 courts covered located in place called Happy Sports Club (Ratchadapisek soi 18). The place also has 8 football pitches, gym, fitness room for martial arts and badminton court. After a very exciting match, Gio was telling me about how many locals were

interest in padel and their plans of opening a second club next year.

Gio organised early this year the 1st international tournament in Asia between Japan and Thailand and he works hard to keeping it up with more tournaments coming soon.

After Thailand, is time to go to Japan. It is incredible how different is Japan to any other country I have ever visited before. I was amazed by the japanese culture and the way how they think and I guess that is reflected on their approach to padel. The japanese players I shared court with were very supportive

with everything I did and quite hard on themselves when they made mistakes. Diferent from a description of a typical spanish padel player.

Tokio was my first destiny in Japan. I got in touch with a very enthusiastic and young guy called Asier Gago from Logroño, Spain. I was impressed with his attitude and hard working ethic and the fact that he just turned 23 this year. I could attend to one of his lessons and I was amazed with his intensity during the session. The spaniard is running the padel lessons at a club with 3 courts, one of them covered (Facebook/Padel Japan). He was also very kind to organice a match for me to play with him and two friends. Our match started at 10pm and all three courts were full at that time which I think it says a lot about how those guys are working.

The second and last stop of my trip to Japan was Osaka where I met Alberto Fernandez, who manage a very nice pink padel court located in a huge tennis club with 23 tennis courts. Asier and Alberto work for the same company. Alberto arrived to Japan almost 20 years ago, and he has told me his plans. He is trying to organice a clubs tournament for all the padel clubs in Osaka, nowadays there are 4 Padel clubs. I am sure that he will have success because it is an excellent idea!

I got a very good impression about how padel is being developing in both, Thailand and Japan. They only need time to be succeful on their goals and we will hear great news again soon!"

From Hello Padel we love to hear that Padel is growing in Asia. Many thanks to Jorge, another padel lover around the world, who has shared his experience with all of us!