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Created by Marcel Bogaart

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

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"PADELSHOP.COM" - The first international Online padel shop, exclusively padel stuff. At you will find all your favorites brands … that is why from now on, it will become your “Best teammate”.



Hello Padel has talked to Padelshop´s CEO, Marcel Bogaart who said: " was born as a result of our passion for padel. We are an Online padelshop, but not the typical one, we are in many location in different countries, where you have the chance to test the padel bat that you are looking before you buy it"

Try before you buy! provides advice from beginners, intermediate to advanced and professional padel players.
At you can find top padel bat, professional clothes, different range of prices… therefore you would

not choose just the cheapest or most popular padel brand, but rather the bat that best suits your experience, playing style and physical condition.

Marcel Bogaart: “We have visited the factories where padel bats are produced in order to learn as much as possible about them, and so on give the right advises to our customers”.



With their

advise and assistance to players and clubs, they are helping out the growth of Padel as a new sport. They really take care to the future of the sport of padel. As an international brand, they are also cooperating with Hello Padel proyects. It is nice for our company to be a partnering with an ambassador as it is The company is already sponsoring some of the World Padel Tour players such as Guga Vazquez, Carlos Gaspar and Mauri Andrini, all proffesional padel players who are competing at the highest level in the world. World Padel Tour. is your best Team-mate and that is why they also will offer you the best price and a fast delivery of your placed order. has their own stock to make easy the parcels delivery. PadelShop delivers manily to all European countries but you can buy from anywhere in the world!
The shop is located in Rijswijk at La Playa padel club. You are more than welcome to visit the shop or just send an email to:

You can also visit their social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.