WPT Joma The Challenger Madrid 2017

Semifinals are here!

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Saturday 17th June 2017

Hello Padel WPT Joma The Challenger Madrid 2017

WPT Challenger Madrid - Yesterday we had the great opportunity to enjoy four amazing matches:

Alejandro Galán & Juan Cruz Belluati Vs. Víctor Ruiz Remedios  & Gonzalo Rubio

Federico Chingotto & Juan Tello Vs. Federico Quiles & Jordi Muñoz

Ignacio G. Gadea  & Germán Tamame Vs. Marcello Jardim & Juan Lebrón

Alejandro Ruiz & Sebastián Nerone  Vs. Gonzalo Díaz & Luciano Capra 

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So now, we already know the names of the lucky players who will play today to try to get into the Final on Sunday.

We have two super matches to watch today at Sanset Padel

Indoor in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, starting at 5pm:

1st. Federico Chingotto & Juan Tello Vs. Gonzalo Díaz & Luciano Capra


2nd. Marcello Jardim  & Juan Lebrón Vs. Alejandro Galán & Juan Belluati


As you can see, all over social media, most of the players are excited and getting ready for the next World Padel Tour in Valladolid. From next Sunday, starting with the pre-qualifying draw, you can follow the scores through different social media sites.

We love padel, tournaments, the professional circuit and we also love all our padel followers!

Hello Padel to everyone….  Let’s enjoy this weekend full of Padel at #WPTChallengerMadrid