Novak Djokovic at the Mutua Madrid Open

A tennis player who loves padel

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Saturday 12th August 2017

Hello Padel Novak Djokovic at the Mutua Madrid Open

Just one year ago, we could see Novak Djokovic playing a few points during the last Mutua Madrid Open and once again, of course, this year he showed his passion for Padel in the padel court La Caja Mágica.

Djokovic, one more time, has shown interest for this sport,

as well as little brother of tennis”, to play a match against Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez. Also he has played with Pedro Alonso Martinez, Mari Carmen Villalba y Alba


The Serbian, one of the most successful tennis players in history, was brave enough to challenge the pair number 2 in WPT circuit.

We do not have to be surprised if we see the number 2 of the ATP playing padel since he is a padel lover.

It seems to be only about trying Padel, once you've tried, you will get addicted to the sport!

Photos: World Padel Tour