Padel Team Bombas from Holland to the Padel world 

Netherlands's padel pair: Bombas

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Monday 26th June 2017

Hello Padel Padel Team Bombas from Holland to the Padel world 

Padel Team Bombas from Holland to the Padel world 

Miquel Verhagen and Uriël Maarsen are both part of the team. They have beem playing padel for more than two years. They started to playing padel in Holland, and they train regularly at Padel Academy at La Playa, Rijswijk. They want to become the number one Dutch couple and begin their competitions in the World Padel Tour. There are many others who collaborate day by day with Bomabas Team to achieve their dreams. They are sponsored by: Head Padel, Rekre Sport, and

Padel Academy (La Playa PRO Academy).

The name was given to them by their first trainer in Barcelona, John Lopez Alaniz, regarding to Uriël’s powersmash.

Their goals are to be the number one pair in Holland and to play the professional padel circuit:

World Padel Tour. At the moment they are busy training and playing in different locations around Holland. They are helping to put Padel more on the map in Holland. In the few last month they have been playing exhibition matches in new padel clubs, and also coaching to new padel lover on their country.

They have a busy and large agenda for the coming months:
• WPT Gran Canaria
• European Championships for clubs in Toulouse, in September. They will play for La Playa team.
• European Championships in Málaga, in November.
If you want to meet them deeply, then you can follow the “Bombas Team” on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: #Padelteambombas.

From Hello Padel we wish them the best on their professional path and good luck in the coming tournaments.

Watch and suscribe to their YouTube channel: